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Erie James

Quality Produce Since 1921

Erie James Cool Cukes
Erie James Cool Cukes

Cool Cukes

Add Crunch To Your Lunch

Erie James Cool Cukes are a fun and healthy snack choice for kids. Add crunch to your lunch with our baby seedless cucumbers!

Quality Produce

Put the goodness of Erie James produce on the dinner tables of your customers. Check out our brands of fresh produce:


Our Products

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  • All Items
  • Cucumbers
  • Peppers
  • Seasonal Products
  • Tomatoes

Mini Sweet Peppers

  • 12 ct x 1 lb | 15 lb | Locally Field Grown Aug - Oct

1 lb


Sunsation™ Sweets Grape Tomatoes

  • 12x1 | Red/Yellow/Orange



Sunsation™ Sweets Grape Tomatoes

  • Red/Yellow/Orange

20 lb


Onion Setts

  • Contact us for the type of commodity and pack



Ghost Peppers

  • Field Hot Peppers | Locally Field Grown | Aug - Oct

½ bushel


Red Hots

  • Field Hot Peppers | Locally Field Grown | Aug - Oct


Quality Produce Since 1921

Our History

Our Mission

Erie James Ltd. is committed to providing fresh, safe, quality produce and excellence in products and services while enhancing valuable relationships and being a responsible corporate citizen.

Growing Partners

Our network of growing partners has been with us for multiple generations. We are responsible for their livelihoods and their success.

Joint Partnerships

We carefully maintain and develop profitable relationships with all of our partners along the supply chain from our growers to our retailers. This includes all of our customers, suppliers, carriers, and our employees. We recognize that their success is our success.



Our Story

The Erie Produce Company and the Howard James Company were both incorporated in 1921.

In May of 1953, Don Slater began working for the Howard James Company. In 1968, Don and his partner Tony Darowski purchased Howard James and became the sole owners. In 1972, Howard James Company merged with Erie Produce Company and Erie James Limited was born. Today, we remain active in the growing, packing, sales and distribution of greenhouse-grown vegetables as well as field-grown fruits and vegetables. 

Awards & Achievements

Our Success

Highest 4-star rating in the blue Book for over 75 years of integrity in the industry; we uphold a strong conviction to stand by our word, without exception.

Business Character Award in the Red Book (Produce Market Guide)

Ontario Premier’s Award for Agrifood Innovation Excellence

C-TPAT Tier 2 Status

Coolest Cucumber Greenhouse Competition Awards Winner for:

  • Best Hothouse English Cucumber
  • Best Overall Hothouse Cucumber
  • Best Hothouse Mini Seedless Cucumber

Healthy Snacking

Children Snack Programs

Every item we grow at Erie James Ltd. Packs a nutritious and delicious punch; making healthy eating choices from children easy and fun for the whole family. From our Cool Cukes mini seedless cucumbers to our bite-size, Sunsation™ Sweets grape tomatoes, our greenhouse products are naturally grown, easy to prepare, perfect for snacking, and extremely popular in school lunches and children snack programs across Ontario. Other commodities in our snack programs include our bite-sized mini sweet peppers and medley tomatoes.

Experience the Erie James difference- by making Sunsation Sweet Grape tomatoes and Cool Cukes mini seedless cucumbers a part of your five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and join us in our mission to improve the future health of both our children and our families

Educating the Future Generation of Consumers

We support programs that encourage and promote healthy eating and educate future generations of consumers to choose more servings of fruits and vegetables in their daily snacks.



Our Partners